The International Section

A real bilingual and bicultural education offered by a Catholic school open to the outside world.


The International Section is intended for bilingual children. A linguistic and cultural section, its aims are to develop oral and written fluency skills in both languages.


The pupils, English-speakers from all over the world, receive a bilingual and bi-cultural education with British, Irish and American teachers. They navigate freely between the two languages and the two cultures, crossing frontiers every day.
The Section targets children from English-speaking families living in France, wishing to integrate the French school system whilst continuing to be taught in their mother tongue. We also welcome French children recently returned from an English-speaking environment abroad, who have attained fluency in English and wish to further their English skills.

The course

Pupils are taught the core Education Nationale syllabus in French, plus two other subjects in English :
Language and English Literature: 5 hours a week in 6e and 5e, 4 hours a week thereafter,
History-Geography, with an emphasis on British history: 2 hours a week.


Standards in the International Section at Sacré Cœur are high; pupils are regularly tested by their teachers to assess their skills and check that fluency is being maintained.

Classes and class numbers

Classes in the International Section have a maximum of 20 pupils. There is one dedicated class in 6e. In 5e, 4e and 3e, the classes are divided into two, according to foreign language options, merging with another class (around 30 pupils) for the French curriculum.

Subjects and projects

Drama, poetry, and public speaking are an important element of the course. Pupils have the opportunity to take part in drama and recitation of poetry. Individual oral presentations are an integral part of both the Literature and History-Geography courses. During the year, pupils participate in different projects such as the Christmas Market.

Trip to Great Britain

As with the other 4e classes, the International Section 4e students go on a trip to Great Britain: London, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and Birmingham.
Please note: children who were in an English-speaking school abroad may need to take extra french lessons (FLE : Français Langue étrangère).

International Brevet Option

At the end of 3e, the final year at Sacré Cœur, the International Section pupils take the French Diplôme National du Brevet qualification, which includes two specific exams in English Literature and History-Geography. They are then awarded the Brevet with Option Internationale honours.

At Grandchamp High School

Pupils may then apply to the International Section of our sister High School, Lycée Notre- Dame du Grandchamp, and sit the OIB (International Option of the Baccalaureat).

A family project

It is important that families with pupils in the International Section encourage their children by fostering an English-speaking environment at home, creating opportunities to connect with the English language on a regular basis.

Support at home

As the timetable for International Section pupils is busy, some may need support from their parents to organise their work, especially in the early stages.

Practical information

Fees for the International Section: 870 € in 2022/2023

Applications for the International Section at Sacré-Cœur to: Madame Vervliet, Collège du Sacré-Cœur, 3 rue des Bourdonnais, 78000 Versailles. To send an email, please click here.

All suitable candidates will be required to take an English test, oral & written, in Spring to demonstrate they have the necessary skills in English to follow our courses.