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British International Section

For bilingual children (English & French speakers) from 10 to 15 years old.

 Living a bilingual and bicultural experience, with the educational vision of a Catholic school open to the world.

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The section is for bilingual children, with English-speaking parent/s, or who have lived and studied in an English-speaking country or environment. It is a linguistic and cultural section, aiming to develop total fluency in both languages.

The classes of the International Section have a maximum of 20 pupils. There is one whole class in 6e.

La 6e Section Internationale

In 5e, 4e, and 3e, the classes are divided into two, merging with another class (around 30 pupils) for the French curriculum.
All lessons in the International Section are taught by native English speakers - from Britain, the United States and New Zealand -

All classes follow the French curriculum, plus per week :

  • 4 hours of English (Language and Literature -replaces LV1)
  • 2 hours of History & Geography, in English

Drama, poetry, and public speaking are an important part of the course. Pupils have the opportunity to take part in drama, and recitations of poems. Individual oral presentations are an integral part of both the Literature and History-Geography courses. During the year, pupils take part in different projects (Christmas gala...).

As with the other 4e classes of the school, the 4e of the International Section go on a trip to Great Britain.
Children who were in an English-speaking school abroad may take extra French lessons (FLE - Français Langue Etrangère).

Pupils take the Brevet du Collège Option Internationale at the end of 3e. This national exam is the same French Brevet as the rest of the school, with 2 extra oral papers in English - English Literature and History & Geography . These extra exams lead to the « Option Internationale » for their Brevet.
At the end of 3e, pupils from the International Section may apply to the International Section of our sister school, Notre-Dame du Grandchamp Lycée, and prepare for the Baccalaureat OIB -Option Internationale.

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Nursery and primary school


For nursery and primary children, English classes are taught by our partner OURschool. Classes take place in Sacré Coeur's premises :
12 rue Saint Honoré.

Contact : Marie Smith on 01 82 70 15 77 or 07 64 07 69 70
(only for nursery and primary classes)

@mail : president[nospam]

website :